Hidden Memoirs of a Mountain Preacher

(Photo in book cover is of Henry standing on Trumbull Ave., in Detroit, MI, before a revival service, being held in the old storefront building to the right.  It was 1957 and one of the greatest revivals of his lifetime!)

  "The Man Who Loves Souls" is a collection of unpublished memoirs of a mountain preacher
(Rev. Henry Robertson), in the early 1900's, now published in book form for your reading enjoyment!

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"We all have a spiritual journey to take in this life.  Much of mine has been taken during the process of writing this great book about my Papaw Henry and his life's journey.  As I relived my Papaw’s past and walked in his steps, I realized it was actually part of my own spiritual journey.  My thirst for real truth and meaning in life was being taken care of with each written section.  I found out who I was as a person and also who I am in Christ.  Although it was my journey, I was never alone, for the God of Heaven walked with me through each step and brought me to this place today.  I was forever changed through this process and am confident that you will understand why after reading his memoirs."

 - Wanette Robertson     
Author & granddaughter of Rev. Henry Robertson      




"I were born in a log house in 1909. The cracks in the logs were dobbed with mud.  The floor wasn't made of lumber.  It was made of hewed puncheons.  There was only one road to the house.  You had to walk or ride horse back to get there.  We had no washing machine, not even a washing board.  We warshed our clothes in the branch and beat them out with a battling stick, laying the clothes on a rock.  The chimney and fireplace was made out of stone and mud."

- - - - 

"God saved my life many times.  He had mercy on my life and didn't let me go to hell.  I think he knew one day I would work for him.  One night I were walking home late one night with my cousin and there was a man mocking at us and yelling profanities.  This man had some buddies and they were all in there playing cards and drinking moonshine.  So we went on home, but I was so angry that I got my gun and kicked the man’s door in to shoot him, but the man must have heard me coming, cauze he was standing behind the door with a loaded 45 automatic pistol and put the gun to my chest and pulled the trigger.  The bullet did not fire and my cousin kicked in the back door just as I was about to fire on this man who was standing with his hands up after his gun didn’t work.  My cousin told me not to kill the man."

- - - - 

"Mom and her minister said, “You’re a good boy.  You should join the church.”  I said, “Mom, what good would it do me?  I am a sinner.  If I was to be baptized, I would go down a dry sinner and just come up a wet one?  Mom, I am a drunkard.  I might die and go to hell.  I might never change.  But if I do change, I promise you I will never be a hypocrite!”

- - - - 

"Pearl and I hollered for mom to come over across the river to us.  She paddled a boat across the river.  I was so glad to see her and to tell her about me gettin’ saved that I started shouting, speaking in tongues and dancing right there.  A big high bank was there and the water was deep.  I slipped and run off the bank into the boat shouting and dancing.  It was rocking the boat so much that it scared mom so bad that she shouted out, “Henry you're crazier than a bess bug!  They are going to send you to the cylum!  You have gone off with the holy rollers!”

- - - - 

"I went over to his house on Monday morning.  He acted like he was afraid of me.  He threw the money out the window and shouted, “Get out of here and put the roof on a church so that I can sleep!” 

- - - - 

"One day as I was digging the foundation for the new church in the Mojave Desert, I dug up about 15 of them stinging scorpions.  I got hot and I went over and sat down on the ground.  It just so happened that I sat down on one of the stinging scorpions but I smothered it into the ground.  I didn’t tread upon it, but I sat upon it.  The Lord gave me a lot of power to get up off of it!"

- - - - 

"One night I was preaching on the subject of hell.  There was a woman there laughing and making fun.  All of a sudden there came a ball of fire as big as a basketball.  It looked like it came through the window.  It struck that woman in the head.  It looked like her hair was on fire.  The women of the church jumped up and tried to put the fire out."

- - - - 

"The next night, as I went down the aisle preaching, I saw Hatfield back up in the corner of the church with that 45 under his leg.  He put his right hand on the trigger.  In came those four men.  Two were on one side of the aisle and two on the other side.  They were bad men.  No doubt they had guns too.  They would look over at me and they would look over at Hatfield.  They would start to get me then they will look at Hatfield with his hand on the trigger of that gun.  They knew that the first man to touch me would die."

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