Hidden Memoirs of a Mountain Preacher

(Photo in book cover is of Henry standing on Trumbull Ave., in Detroit, MI, before a revival service, being held in the old storefront building to the right.  It was 1957 and one of the greatest revivals of his lifetime!)

  "The Man Who Loves Souls" is a collection of unpublished memoirs of a mountain preacher
(Rev. Henry Robertson), in the early 1900's, now published in book form for your reading enjoyment!

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Bonnie Tyree said:   May 17, 2010 2:43 pm PST
It was nice having you at Fairfield Church of God last night. I really enjoyed your singing and testimony. I just wanted to share with you that I bought your book, â??The Man Who Loved Soulsâ? and I couldnâ??t lay it down until I finished reading the whole book! I loved this book with the different life stories that you shared about your grandfather and family members. Although I never had the privilege of knowing him personally, yet I feel a since of his presence. When I got to the pictures and saw a picture of the Church of God Tabernacle at Peck and Bell Ave. my heart skipped a double beat! I was attending a Non-Pentecostal church at the time, and I was so hungry for more of the Lord, but I didnâ??t understand what I was searching for. Then the Lord spoke to my heart to call that church and talk to the preacher on the telephone. He met with me in his office on a Friday morning at 9:30 a.m., and after we prayed the Lord filled me with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then God led my family and me to the Fairfield Church of God back in 1984. Seeing the pictures of both of these churches that I hold so dearly in my heart was wonderful! Then to find out that your grandfather had a part in both of these churches made me feel that he had a part in my life as well. Isnâ??t God wonderfulâ?¦..thank you for sharing your family with mine. Your Sister in the Lord, Bonnie Tyree P.S. You wrote in my book, â??May God Change your lifeâ?. You have no idea how much he already has changed it. I would not want to go through this life without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Thanks again my friend.

Evangelist Vernon Vandeventer said:   May 16, 2010 12:50 pm PST
Brother Robertson helped me get my license with the Church Of God and we had a 4 week revival at Belle and Peck Church in the late 50's. Many were saved and healed. Bro. Robertson was a great inspiration to all who came. What a great blessing he was to my wife, myself and family. He would come to the house to pray for my wife when she was having a difficult spiritual battle. Till we meet again in that better world. Rev. V.E. Vandeventer

Pastor Wayne Guilliams said:   February 10, 2010 7:52 am PST
I did not know Bro Robertson personally but definetly benefited from the ministry God gave him. I was saved and answered the call to ministry at the Newport Keturah Str. Church of God. Reading things like this reveals a plan that God has for our lives. A plan that will reach many souls even after we have left this world. Men and women like this are a great blessing to many generations. Thank you for sharing!!! www.missioncog.com

Henrietta Green Collins said:   January 19, 2010 12:50 pm PST
Hello! Wanette! The book is wonderful. The website is great! Thank-you for all of your hard work.

Pastor Darryl McCoy said:   January 15, 2010 6:54 am PST
I just read page 80. That little boy (James Asher) Married my oldest sister Dianne. After they were married they went to the Alstatter ave church of God and got saved. James was called to preach and later pastored that church. I went there at the age of 9 to a revival meeting and I got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. I was later called to preach and preached my first sermon in that church. I now pastor the Fairfield church of God which Pastor Henry Robertson built. This book has blessed my heart to think of how God has a plan for our lives. Thank God for servants like the Robertson family. Thank God for his calling on our lives. Pastor D.L McCoy

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