Hidden Memoirs of a Mountain Preacher

(Photo in book cover is of Henry standing on Trumbull Ave., in Detroit, MI, before a revival service, being held in the old storefront building to the right.  It was 1957 and one of the greatest revivals of his lifetime!)

  "The Man Who Loves Souls" is a collection of unpublished memoirs of a mountain preacher
(Rev. Henry Robertson), in the early 1900's, now published in book form for your reading enjoyment!

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Rev. Eddie Pate said:   November 8, 2013 12:10 pm PST
I heard about your grandfather when My Pastor in 1983 who was Evangelist Wayne Robertson at Miracle Revival Center in Montgomery,AL. Who I was Junior Pastor under and who I loved dearly,one of my mentors! He talked a lot about Kentucky and ohio and How your Grandfather, his Dad preached with the Church of God for years! Iwas sorry to hear of death of Pastor Wayne! I was hoping to see him again! But He will always be dear to my heart and all the great revivals and Miracles that happened here! Pastor Eddie Pate ,Millbrook First Assembly of God Millbrook Ala.

Wanette Robertson Turner said:   July 2, 2013 9:24 am PST
Papaw, it's been a while since I've posted here I realize; however, the message of Christ does not change! I have turned 50 this year and I still remember you as a young gal, mostly hanging on every word you said and writing until my fingers were sore, following you out into the woods in all hours of the night hunting with your coon dogs. You and mamaw taught me so much about God and what is important in life. I can truly say that should I find myself alone in the world that my survival would be due to the two of you and what you poured into my life. You are why I love to fish, you are why I love to till the ground and you are why I love flowers mamaw and to cook, crochet and create. You both are why I know Jesus Christ and I will never ever be able to thank you enough for this. I lost dad (your son) recently, but with his ministry, the seeds he also sowed into this world we live in, and the love and nurturing of mom, we are all good, we are all serving the Lord, we are all in love with our Maker and we cannot again, thank you enough! I will see you again some day, just like I saw dad in a vision walking across the mountain with his coon dog toward me, smiling, happy and at rest in the Lord. We will all worship at His feet together and thank the Lord for letting us be a family on this ole earth. The Robertson's are a force to be reckoned with and as the generations continue, God's blessing still rests upon us and His favor is shown every day. Bless His holy name!

Wanette Robertson Turner said:   August 12, 2012 8:43 am PST
Grandpa, even today, many years after your passing, I still long for your voice and the forceful message of Christ that you delivered as I grew up. No one it seemed could touch God the way you did. As my 50th birthday approaches, I'm reminded more now than ever that my time on this earth is fleeting and that I must do what I can while I'm here to spread the message of God's great love. I cannot wait to see you again someday. We as a family will worship at the feet of our Maker, thanking Him for life abundant and worshipping His greatness! Your granddaughter, Wanette.

Charlotte Hilton Spears said:   October 2, 2010 7:41 pm PST
Hello Waynette, your Papaw was a great inspiration and blessing in my life. My uncle Eugene Rice attended the Church Bro. Robertson started in Fairfield, OH. I was priviliged to attend one summer when visiting my Uncle. Later when your Papaw was at Alstater Ave. my Aunt Isabel attended the church and I was privileged again to attend that church. When God called me into the ministry Bro. Robertson was a great encouragement to me. Once I was in service with your Papaw and he had a great burden for one of my brothers. He had everyone pray. I remember he walked the floor of the church back and forth crying out to God. After a while he said "we've touched God, God has moved". I later learned that one of my brothers almosts died by taking a bad drug. His heart had stopped, but doctors worked on him and he revived. My brother said he knew God is the one who saved his life. Praise God for the man of God who was led by God's Spirit or my brother wouldn't be alive today. God bless you

Evelyn (Settle) Fields said:   June 9, 2010 4:58 pm PST
Hi Wanette, Your Papaw Henry would be so happy to see this book. I lived on Tuley Rd. next door to your grandparents as a teenager and at the time Gary was my boyfriend . Our dates consisted of going to church at The Seventh and Chestnut Church of God in Hamilton, Ohio. You were an only child at this same time and Brenda was close to delivery with Beverly. I can vaguely remember going to Mercy Hospital because your Papaw Henry was ill. He wanted me to make a list of every church that he had built over the years. He said he wanted this done before he died. Needless to say Mamaw Lottie was not happy to hear the "before I die part." I started to write them down as he went through his memory and named them in order. I don't remember exactly how many I had written down before Mamaw Lottie made me quit writing. She told Henry, "you are not dying and we can write all of this down later." After seeing that you had written this book, I realized he had gotten exactly what he had wanted. Congratulations, on granting his wish. Like I said he would be so happy.

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