Hidden Memoirs of a Mountain Preacher

(Photo in book cover is of Henry standing on Trumbull Ave., in Detroit, MI, before a revival service, being held in the old storefront building to the right.  It was 1957 and one of the greatest revivals of his lifetime!)

  "The Man Who Loves Souls" is a collection of unpublished memoirs of a mountain preacher
(Rev. Henry Robertson), in the early 1900's, now published in book form for your reading enjoyment!

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Cathy (Asher) Allen said:   January 4, 2010 12:51 pm PST
I am Betty and Fred Asher's girl. I was raised up under Henry Robertson's ministry and went to church many a night with your grandpa. I've seen him pray for his car to start an it did. I know your mother and father and spend alot of time at your house when i was a teenager. I can remember when you girls were born. I want this book!

Jana Hoffman said:   December 28, 2009 12:20 pm PST
Absolutely Amazing and Inspiring Book! I loved reading it and will read it again as well as share with friends. Wish I could have personally known Mr Robertson as I know he left his mark in the hearts of many families. Reading his story has left a mark in my heart. Blessings to his family!

Gail Mason said:   December 14, 2009 12:20 pm PST
Hi wanette, I have read a big part of the book, it is Awesome!!!!!! Looking at the pictures, I smile, Brother Wayne, Irene, have touched my heart and lifted me up, encouraged me down life's road... Along with every other family member, I've ever met... Your Pappaw and Grandmother paved the way, makes you want to continue their legacy... I have been blessed beyond words... There is just no way to describe... Thank you so much for writing this book... You see, this is prayers answered for me, I have looked on the internet different times to try and find out more about your Pappaw's ministry, You see God's timing means everything... Thanks again, and God Bless you... Gail Mason

Carol Myers said:   December 12, 2009 9:42 am PST
I have a few memories of Bro. Robertson, Sr. from my childhood, too. He always referred to me as "the girl" whenever he asked my parents how I was. One time in the 1980's, he came to Florida to visit my family and stayed a couple of nights at my home. I felt so honored and thanked the Lord for the opportunity to serve Bro. Robertson. The Myers family and the Robertson family have been very good friends for years. I was a young teenager when I met the Robertsons in the 1960's. I could tell you many stories about how Bro. Robertson and his family were so involved in our lives through our ministry. We loved each other so much. Bro. Robertson is greatly missed; but, we'll see him again soon! Carol Myers Daughter of Rev. D.J. (Johnny) & Margaret Myers

Melvin Walters said:   December 10, 2009 6:02 pm PST
Wanette I got the books what a peice of work you truly had God with you on this project God Bless you my friend stay true to God

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